St. George Ciechocinek is located in the very heart of the Ciechocinek Lowland, on the left side of the Vistula, between Toruń and Włocławek, approx. 40 m above sea level. Thanks to its health benefits and perfect location in the center of Poland, Ciechocinek attracts guests from all over the world. The town is also famous for its graduation towers, including the biggest one in Europe, greenery gardens, parks, and cozy cafes. Ciechocinek is known as a pearl of Polish health-resorts.

The climate in Ciechocinek is very beneficial for curative-recreational functions. High annual average temperature, relatively large number of sunny days, low rainfall, not very strong shelters and low air humidity are essential elements of Ciechocinek. Ciechocinek has a mild climate, gently felt by the human body. As a result, Ciechocinek has ideal climatic conditions that meet the requirements of health resorts.

Kudowa Zdrój

Picturesque landscapes, numerous springs of mineral water, the richness of mountains shapes, valleys, and rock formations are rare features of Europe, which is a result of complicated and long-lasting geological processes. That unique image of nature made Kłodzko region one of the most beautiful tourists and spa regions in Poland. The healing properties of mineral waters became part of the treatment profile in each of the four known health resorts of the Kłodzko region: Kudowa, Duszniki, Polanica, and Lądek Zdrój. Kudowa Zdrój gained the name of the first heart health resort in the east.

8 springs of mineral water in Kudowa are known as hydrogen-carbonate-soda-calcium, arsenic, ferruginous, widely appreciated in balneology and spa treatment.
Most of the existing springs are located in a central historical Park with complexes of rare vegetation, beautiful walking areas, mineral waters, and treatment pavilions.
Thanks to cooler summer and warmer winter, Kudowa is a perfect place for a year-round treatment. 45% of Kudowa’s landscape is dominated by greenery and forests. Due to the outstanding natural values of the forms of rock sculpture, natural forest, and fauna species occurring here, the majority of this area is covered by the protection of the Stolowe Mountains National Park.